How much does a 

marriage celebrant cost?

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Full Wedding Ceremony Package $895

  • Let’s start with an obligation free phone consultation with myself and after that, unlimited correspondence.

  • We’ll then have fun meeting with you and your partner to help you complete your NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage)

    • Please bring along all as many forms of original ID you possibly can.

    • Birth certificates, driver’s licenses, passports, and anything else you think might be relevant, such as divorce paperwork etc...

  • You’ll receive my assistance with the writing of each of your personal vows if you would like. 

  • We’ll discuss some ideas to get you thinking about things such as readings/rituals/music you might like to include.

  • We’ll also discuss how to involve special people such as friends, children, parents, even your pets.

  • You’ll get a full wedding ceremony, of course.

    • This is usually completed in less than 30 minutes. (please check travel charges below for venues 30km outside of Brisbane).

  • You really should have a wedding rehearsal

    • This is included.

    • We all want to ensure all goes perfectly on your special day.

  • I’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your chosen venue for OH&S compliance.

  • You don’t want your celebrant’s attire clashing with yours, so I’m happy to dress accordingly, just let me know.

  • Please keep in mind the number of guests who can attend may be limited by any relevant state or federal government legislation.

  • I’ll provide a high-quality PA system and microphone – this can also be used to play music from your mobile device.

  • You have my personal guarantee to arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your planned ceremony on your wedding day.

  • I’ll also prepare a contingency plan in the event I’m unable to attend your wedding at the last minute.

  • I’ll lodge of all your relevant paperwork to the Births Deaths & Marriage office in the state you are married.

  • You’ll receive a keepsake ceremonial wedding certificate.

  • You can also book me to be your MC at your reception, for an extra $95 per hour.

  • Please check Excess Travel Charges below for venues 30km outside of Brisbane.


Legals Only $495

  • Quite often, this involves just you, your partner and your two nominated witnesses.

  • Your witnesses must speak and understand English and be at least 18 years old.

  • And, legally, I can't be one of your witnesses, sorry.

  • We can perform the ceremony at your dining table or at your favourite coffee shop, wherever you'd like.

  • If you'd prefer 'no frills', we can have you legally married inside of 15 minutes.

  • But I’m more than happy for you to include:

    • Personal vows (in addition to the legal vows).

    • Readings.

    • Music.

    • A ‘giving away’ or any other rituals you’d like to include.

    • A professional photographer, or just a friend who cares that you both look good on your wedding day.

    • A ring exchange.

    • And anything else you’d like to add to make your wedding day fun and memorable.

    • BTW, there’s no extra charge for any or all of these inclusions.

  • The legal stuff:

    • Your ceremony includes the Monitum and legal vows.

    • Completion of your NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage) and other legal paperwork.

    • Presentation of your Ceremonial Certificate of Marriage.

    • Submission of your Official Certificate of Marriage and your completed NOIM to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in your State.

    • Please provide all original ID you possibly can. Birth certificates, driver’s licenses, passports, and anything else you might think relevant, such as divorce paperwork or death notice from any previous marriages etc…

  • Please check Excess Travel Charges below for locations 30km outside of Brisbane.


Premium Wedding Ceremony Package $995

This is a very popular package. Your Premium Wedding Ceremony Package includes everything in my Full Wedding Ceremony Package (below) plus:

  • You will be my VIP couple! I promise to strictly commit to just your wedding on your day. I won’t book any other ceremonies on your special day.

  • As my only wedding on the day. I will be fully contactable should you need me at any time prior to the ceremony commencing.

  • I’ll need to invest some time interrogating you and your partner, so I can write a bespoke ceremony with your personalised love story to get all the lovey emotions happening. I promise to make this fun, playful and moving, or whatever angle you’d like, but most importantly, it’ll be customised just for you.

  • You can extend the length of your wedding ceremony to up 60 minutes.

  • Not only am I happy to help you write your personalised vows, I’ll prepare your cue cards, so you don’t need to bring anything on the day, except maybe a couple of rings.

  • You’ll also receive a personalised commemorative folder with a copy of your script, and a very special ‘thank you’ gift from me.

  • And for an extra $95 per hour, you’re welcome to invite me to act as MC at your reception.

  • Please check Excess Travel Charges below for venues 30km outside of Brisbane.

Other Ceremony Costs

Wedding Vow Renewal $195

Commitment Ceremony $195​

Baby Naming Ceremony $95​

MC Services $95 Per Hour​

Funeral (POA)

Excess Travel Charge

Travel 30km or more outside of the Brisbane CBD is charged at $2.00 per kilometre each way.

For example: Travel to a venue 80km outside of Brisbane would cost an additional $100 x 2 = $200.

Interstate or destination travel, please contact me to discuss.