Frequently Asked

Wedding & Ceremony Questions


What's the first thing we need to do, to get the ball rolling?

Apart from confirming that your venue, photographer, dress maker, makeup artist, bridal party, guests, caterers, car hire, and any other vendors, including your marriage celebrant, are available on the date you've set...


The very first thing your marriage celebrant will ask of you is the legal requirement to submit your Notice of Intended Marriage (your NOIM). This must be received by your celebrant at least 30 days prior to your planned wedding date but no more than 18 months prior.

Click here to download your Notice of Intended Marriage

You only need to complete PAGE 3 of your NOIM. Your celebrant will then complete page 4 in a face-to-face meeting with you and your partner.

What identification documents does a Celebrant need to see?

To complete page 4 of your NOIM, your celebrant will need to sight your original Birth Certificates and current photo IDs and/or you passports.

If either of you has been previously married, then you must provide evidence of the termination of the marriage.

This can be in the form of an original of your final divorce papers or if one of the parties is a widow, an original death certificate.

Please ensure that all the documents you provide are the originals, and if the originals are not in English, then a qualified interpreter must translate them.

How long before our wedding must we submit our forms?

Your Marriage Celebrant must receive your completed Notice of Intended Marriage form (you only need to complete page 3), at least one month before your planned wedding date. You can give it to your celebrant up to eighteen months beforehand and it still remains valid during that period.

Can we have a wedding sooner than the minimum notice period?

Couples can apply to shorten the minimum notice period by making an application to a ‘Prescribed Authority’, located at your Local Magistrates Court or the Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages. The prescribed authority can shorten the required period of notice if they are satisfied that the circumstances prescribed in the Regulations are met.

There are five categories of circumstances set out in the Regulations.

  1. Employment-related or other travel commitments

  2. Wedding or celebration arrangements, or religious considerations

  3. Medical reasons

  4. Legal proceedings, and

  5. Error in giving notice


And, importantly, lodging an application does not automatically mean a shortening of time will be granted.

How many witnesses do we need?

You need two persons as witnesses. They must speak and understand English, and be at least 18 years of age.

How long will the ceremony take?

Normally between 20-30 minutes, depending on how many readings you have, how many elements you include in your service, and how long the signing photographs take.

Can we have a surprise wedding?

You can have a surprise wedding for your guests, but you can’t have a surprise wedding for your intended spouse.

Both of you need to be fully aware that you are getting married.

In what name does the Bride sign the Marriage certificate?

On her wedding day, the bride must sign the marriage certificate and other documents with her maiden name, or her married name if she was previously married and still uses that name. All of the signatures must be the same across all documents.


Can my children give me away?

They certainly can, if that is what you want to do.

Should we have music during the ceremony?

I recommend that you choose to have music for your ceremony, it is another way of personalising your ceremony. One track at the start, for your arrival, and one to be played during the signing and one at the end of the ceremony.


Can we write our own vows?

Yes, you can as long as the required legal wording is included.

How much are your fees?

Please refer to my PACKAGES page. My ceremonies are premium and personalised for each couple and I take time to make it perfect and a ceremony to cherish. For elopement type or mid-week weddings, we can discuss a special package, which may not include all of the following items.


What does a Marriage Celebrant do, exactly?

My services as your Wedding Celebrant will include:

An obligation free phone consultation with myself.

Unlimited correspondence thereafter.

A face to face meeting with you and your partner to help you complete your NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage).

Assistance with the writing of each of your personal vows, if required.

Advice about choices of readings, poems, music and rituals. (these may be at an extra charge)

Provision of items for rituals such as candles, sand and pouring.

A full wedding ceremony. This is usually completed in less than 30 minutes. 

A full wedding rehearsal at your chosen wedding venue.

A thorough inspection of your chosen venue for OH&S compliance. 

A high-quality battery powered PA system and cordless microphone for your ceremony – this can also be used to play music from your mobile device.

A contingency plan, in the event I’m unable to attend your wedding at the last minute.

Certificates and getting all of the legal aspects of your marriage finalised. Lodgement of your Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) and Marriage.

A keepsake ceremonial wedding certificate and any other legal paperwork.

There may be additional travel charges for venues 30km outside of (Brisbane).

You can also book me to be your MC at your reception, for an extra $45.00 per hour.


Do you offer other ceremonies or services?

I'm also available for other special ceremonies such as:

Wedding vow renewals

Commitment ceremonies

Baby naming ceremonies



None of these ceremonies has a legal component so you will be able to have a ceremony that is entirely written to suit you. It will be personal and meaningful and include those people who are special to you and make the celebration exactly as you would like. You can even make some of these ceremonies a surprise for party guests, I’m really good at keeping secrets!

My services for these ceremonies will include:

A personally crafted ceremony, with your help.

My attendance at your venue of choice.

Unlimited email exchange.

Advice about choices of readings, poems, music and rituals.

Provision of items for rituals such as candles, sand and pouring vessels. (there may be an additional charge for these).

Provision of a copy of your ceremony for you to keep.

PA system, if required.

There may be an additional travel charge for venues 30km outside of Brisbane.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your plans further.